About us

    Qatar was the tenth country to start diplomatic relations with Oman when opening the Embassy of the state of Qatar upon the announcement of HH. Qaboos Bin Said as the ruling Sultan in 1970 to be the successor of his father Said Bin Taimor.
The Mission resided in the village hotel, and it ran the embassy affairs from there until the government of Oman provided a new place for the mission. The government of Oman awarded a contract to a company called “united contractors” to build 3 buildings each of them contained 5 stories with 4 flats each, and each mission from the Arabian Gulf countries was given a story in one of these  buildings. 

    After Buildings were made available by the Government of Oman, Embassies started to leave the governmental apartments and rent a separate building. The Embassy of the State Qatar bought three villas behind the village hotel as a resident for the embassy and for the Ambassador.  The Government of the Sultanate allocated an area in the region of AlKhuwair beach as a diplomatic area, and divided it into equal sections, the priority option was given depending on the representation level in the Sultanate, the waterfront "favorite" was given for the countries with precedence in the diplomatic representation: Britain, India, USA, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait and France "10 countries ".
Delegates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Technical Office" visited the site along with the drawings and chose a company “Al-Turkey” as a contractor, The Embassy moved to the current permanent headquarters in 1990 - the entire furniture was brought by the technical office in Doha.